MultiWell Master Equation Package

  • Linux/Unix/Mac (source codes): multiwell-2022
    • For compiling the source codes, see the User Manual.
  • Windows Executables: multiwell-2022-WINDOWS
    • Note that execution of parallel codes (paradensum.exe and parsctst.exe) is special; see the User Manual.
    • Jason Sonk (University of Michigan) compiled the Windows versions of the serial codes. Windows versions of paradensum and parsctst were developed and compiled by the group of Michele Ceotto (Universit√† degli Studi di Milano).
  • User Manual:¬†MultiWell User Manual-2022
  • Examples:
  • Revision-History.pdf

TS Master Equation Package

Provided by T. Lam Nguyen and John Stanton

Thermodynamics DataBase